Because You’re Good Work

You know that saying, “It’s good work if you can get it?”

Well, my Bible Study this morning was talking about marriage. How much marriage and loving a woman for the duration is not what you think it’ll be when you get married, but it’s much sweeter, deeper, and awesomer once you figure out that it’s work and it’s work that’s worth it.

I know I’m a chore sometimes. Sometimes I’m amazed at how God works. He knows what I need. He knows where I need to be changed. He also knows that He put in me what you need. It’s like when you have a job that you love. You love to see something wonderful created. You love to build the business. Sometimes, you have to slug through difficult, unexciting tasks, but the end product and results are totally worth it.

That’s how marriage is sometimes. Our marriage and family is my most precious work. And work is an awesome thing. If something is worth it, work will be involved. You’re worth it, babe. You’re worth it.


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