Because God Can Do Immeasurably More

I just heard a Louie Giglio sermon called ‘Immeasurably More’.

He had this illustration about how a church group, early in his career, put him up in a hotel room. They were super-psyched about how awesome his room was. He said he was trying to get excited for preaching and sharing Christ with the students, but all anybody at the church talked about was how great the room was.

He thought the room was nice, but nothing ridiculously awesome. That was until he ordered room service. Through a turn of events, he discovered that he was given a room key to an adjoining room, not the main suite. The adjoining room was nice, but NOTHING like having access to the full suite and a colossal gift basket and all the benefits of the fact that the manager was a member of the church and had set it up.

Louie’s point?

We often settle for an ‘adjoining room’ relationship with God or an ‘adjoining room’ vision and settling for our lives.

God wants us to experience ‘immeasurably more’ than that. Not able to be measured.

I’ve struggled with having goals around marriage. Because SMART goals have to be specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound, they sometimes are difficult to apply to being married.

I mean, I can set specific, measurable, etc. goals around time spent with you or date nights or vacation getaways, etc. But how do I have a goal around the ‘quality of our marriage’?

If I want the most amazing marriage possible for two fallen humans, how do i get there or travel in that direction? What help are goals?

I think the difficulty is this: God has put in me a desire to have the best marriage possible. He wants immeasurably more than we’re experiencing. And something that is immeasurable can’t be specific. It can’t be time bound. It’s, by definition, unable to be measured.

This doesn’t mean I can’t be intentional: I’m called to be intentional and my understanding of what it means to love you requires intentionality. Love is not always or even primarily rainbows and unicorns.

That said, I think I’ve been selling God short and selling us short. He wants immeasurably more than we can hope or think. So we need to pray that way. We need to pray that he does more than we can imagine. We need to pray that he breaks our hearts for the things that break His. We need to pray that our minor annoyances becomes cute quirks again (you know, like how you probably thought my overly-detailed explanations were ‘wise’. Now they are simply indications that I supposedly ‘know it all’).

We need to pray for God’s vision for our marriage. And then we need to pray for God’s vision for our family.

That’s what I’m doing. Whatever He has for us, may we receive it. May we be open to it. May we be in process of changing from the inside out so that not only will we love each other more than we thought, but He will use us as a City on a Hill – a place of life, refuge, and encouragement for other couples, families, and people who need to know and experience the love of Jesus.


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