Because You Are Watching a Zombie Show

We are normally very vanilla in our TV shows: A few sitcoms, maybe an hour-long evening show every once in a while.

But recently, we started from square one with The Walking Dead.

Your friend encouraged you and, well, now we watch a show during which your head is in a pillow about two-thirds of the time. You don’t love the way zombies actually look. Or the sound they make when someone has to dispense of them.

Yet you keep coming back. As a matter of fact, you even cried last night because of a touching moment in the show.  Honestly, it’s amazing how a show as gross, strange, and far-fetched can produce the array of emotions that The Walking Dead tends to produce.

It’s actually pretty fun. I don’t know if it’s the most edifying fare, but for someone who won’t even watch a CSI, NCIS, or Law and Order, I’m amazed you’ll step up to this thing.


5 thoughts on “Because You Are Watching a Zombie Show

  1. Ha… yes. It’s like starting a blog that you don’t think through first: How many different ways can you write about X…. In Walking Dead, how many ways can you kill a zombie and/or surprise everybody w/ a herd of them. I’m making my way through Breaking Bad. She doesn’t want any part of it. She doesn’t get it.

    • I’ve been watching both. For some reason, I like the redemptive qualities and that tightrope walk between maintaining humanity and sheer survival in Walking Dead. Breaking Bad is awesome, but I don’t think I like anybody in the show. 🙂 Jesse and Hank are about it. 🙂

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