Because You Give Me Thursday and Friday Mornings

You know how important my small groups are and you give me the grace and space to leave the morning routines to you on Thursdays and Fridays.

Marriage can be hard work at times and way too many guys don’t realize that they need other guys who are doing their best to be men of integrity, men of faith, and men who grow.

Guys tend to stick it out and suck it up and go it alone, figuring if they don’t already have the stuff to be perfect at everything, then they won’t get it from ‘sharing’ w/ a bunch of other dudes.

I know better. I’m not smart, but I know I’m dead on the vine without my bros.

So thanks for giving me the space so I can encourage and be encouraged by a bunch of other idiots. Collectively we do okay. 🙂

I love you!

(for those who have no clue who the ‘you’ is in this, see my about page).

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