Because Nashville Was a Blast with You

We snuck out of town on Friday to head up to Nashville. I had a blast (hope you did too!).

A couple pictures from the road…

Bluebird Nashville Boots

We tried to sneak into the Bluebird Cafe (that’s me – the big guy in the blue shirt) but to no avail.

Then we went downtown, passing by the Hats and Boots guy. We knew we were in Nashville at that point. We got to listen to some live music at some random bar and loved that behind every door on Broadway was a full band (and all of them were good!).

Most of the weekend was spent at the Storyline Conference (unfortunately, we had to leave early because of the situation with our family friend).   Both unfortunate for our friend and the timing w/ the conference.

We learned a long and I pray that the tools to create a better story with our lives will inform our marriage. The idea is that we belong to God and our story is really about participating with Him in His work in the world.  We can do that together (separate also, but together).

On Saturday, we heard these folks:

Steve Moakler (Great!)

Natalie Hemby (Also Great!)

Travis Meadows (Also Great!)

Most importantly, though, it was a sweet time just to hang out. We ate way too much. We might have drank a little too much. But we laughed tons and we learned a lot and we smiled a lot.

I love you and think that maybe we need at least two of these types of weekends away a year. I loved feeling so connected to you!


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