Even When I’m Off-Focus

You’ll notice I’ve not been as consistent over the last few weeks. I’m sorry about that!

It’s not because I’ve not been in love with you during that time or anything else crazy.

I just get busy and distracted and lose focus.

I know it’s horrible to say and admit, but I sometimes get in a work mode or a project mode and I don’t do as well in cherishing the people that are most important.

Not that writing on this little mostly secret blog is an indicator of how I’m feeling. It’s just an indicator of my focus.

You are the most special person to me in the world. Period.

While it’s not my job to make you happy (as you reminded me a week or so ago), my chief earthly role is to love you as well as I can.

So today, I reassert my focus. You’re in my sights. 🙂


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