Because You are Mourning For Me

Since we don’t have real cable TV right now (by ‘real’ I mean simply ESPN and associated networks), I’m struggling hard. Football season is about to start and it’s almost like it really isn’t happening. I don’t have all those sportscasters making their bold predictions. I can’t watch all of those inspirational player profiles or self-help-looking montages about grit and determination and leaving it all out on the field.

Nope. Just local news. But we’re committed to each other and Dave Ramsey at the moment, so this, too, shall pass. Plus UGA is on ABC on Saturday, so we’ll make it through this first weekend just fine.

But the main point is that you have been working hard to find work arounds (even trying to find folks who might have a cable subscription that we could borrow – you know their PW and ID).

You’re feeling my pain. That’s sweet. I love you for that.


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