Because You Gave Us a Great Vacation!

I’ve not written in a bit because

  1. I was preparing to go on vacation and was super busy
  2. We went on vacation and I can’t write in a secret blog while I’m on vacation with you 🙂

You really made it happen. I don’t even know if we’d ever go on vacation if it were up to me. You worked with my sis-in-law and my parents and you budgeted and you stowed away snacks for months so we could have a seemless trip down to Palm  Coast.

Plus, you suggested the fun first day in St. Augustine.  You are the coordinator. You are the fun committee. You are the Director of Activity Joy. I might be a funny guy, but you make fun things happen. I mean all summer, you’ve planned and created moments for our children. You are top notch at stuff like that and I love you for it!

Here are a few fun memory pics:

2013 Hammock Beach Vacation 0292013 Hammock Beach Vacation 0202013 Hammock Beach Vacation 0122013 Hammock Beach Vacation 035 Web2013 Hammock Beach Vacation 053 Web2013 Hammock Beach Vacation 0262013 Hammock Beach Vacation 0722013 Hammock Beach Vacation 008


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