Love Vs. Lust – Love Dare Day 24

The path or the progression of lust: Eyes to heart to action to shame to regret.  (p. 116, The Love Dare)

That’s a horrible path to be on. Whether it’s lust for stuff: See iPad. Covet iPad. Put iPad on credit card. See credit card statement (shame/remorse). Try to pay down credit card (regret). Or if it’s the typical lust issues that we think of when the sin of lust is brought up.

The problems with lust:

  1. It fails to realize that God has and will provide ALL we need for a full, productive, joyful life (This does NOT mean easy in the North American sense of ‘joyful’. It simply means we have what we need).
  2. It is selfish: If I am yearning for power, possessions, or other satisfaction that is outside of God’s current provision, I’m neglecting to be present to the people and things he has provided.
  3. It is opposite of love (p. 117): Love gives. Lust takes. Love serves. Lust steps over people.
  4. It has a voracious appetite: It’s similar to eating. If we eat a huge breakfast, we might be really full for a while, but we’ll want a huge lunch because our bellies’ are nice and stretched out and ready for another ridiculous meal. Lust creates greater lust. It’s like addiction. It takes more to satisfy it over time.
  5. It is a sieve: The things we lust for, even if achieved, never satisfy. They fall through our hands and hearts like a sieve. Only lust makes things that are empty even more empty. It defies physics.

So… the summary, from The Love Dare: “Lust is… a misguided thirst for satisfaction that only God can fulfill. Lust is like a warning light on the dashboard of your heart.”

My challenge is–and has been–to ferret out every object of lust that distracts me from finding my satisfaction solely in God. Yes, I am and have been keeping myself accountable and putting guardrails in my world around sexual lust.

That is always and will always be an important thing for me (and, honestly, any man) to do.

But I’m also challenged to identify anything that I look to over-against God and the people and things he’s already provided me for my life. You, our children, the things and tasks we have, and so forth are blessings and gifts. God has given you to me as sources of love, joy, sharpening, and responsibility (he changes me by teaching me how to be a good steward and caregiver of the people and things he’s entrusted me with).

The baseline is this: Am I seeking something that can’t satisfy or am I finding my source in God and His good gifts?

My pledge to you is to remain on this path. Even you aren’t my satisfaction. God is and you are insomuch as you come from God and are a gift from Him. You are His daughter and I should treat you as such.

I love you and hope that by the time you read this, we will be much better at finding our source in Jesus.


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