Love Always Protects – Love Dare Day 23

I wrote about Love Dare Day 23 over a year ago.

I won’t regurgitate the info there.

The devotional points out 4 enemies of marriage:

  1. Harmful Influences (TV, Internet, habits, content contrary to our values, etc.)
  2. Unhealthy Relationships (Not only emotional and physical affairs, but dangerous friendships, boundary-less family relationships, colleagues, etc.)
  3. Shame: (Speaking negatively and disrespecting our spouse in public – or always being critical or allowing self-loathing to influence our marriage)
  4. Parasites (Similar to ‘Harmful Influences’, this is anything that sucks the life out of us – addictions, hobbies, worry, strife, etc.)

What am I doing to protect our marriage?

I started turning off work email when I come home so I don’t obsess about things I can’t do anything about. We’ve both started turning off our phones during some points in the evening so we’re not continually distracted.

I’ve included ‘5 minutes within 5 feet’ as a daily habit: I try to make sure I get near you and focus on catching up and decompressing, even if for only 5 minutes – uninterrupted.

I’m working on continuing in my accountability groups and in my prayer and study times. It’s important, though, that I’m more on the lookout. I need to have the shield and sword at the ready to ward off anything that might slowly chip away at our foundation. That’s typically a bigger issue: little vermin that sneaks in, almost imperceptibly. We get lazy. We think we are in control.

But we never are. We have to depend on the strength and power of God to protect us (of course, we partner with Him, that’s why I will keep the shield and sword handy.

I love you and want us to look back at our lives and remember how we were protected and how we were able to cultivate growth and because we were safely protected.

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