Because I Shelved the Work Email…

…we were able to have a more relaxing holiday weekend.

This post might be solely about myself, but I actually felt like I had a full vacation even though it was only a 3 day weekend. I had no access to work email from my phone. That helped me not be so wrapped around the axle if a client dropped me a note some time on Saturday on an issue I couldn’t get to until Tuesday. Those things always cause me to stress and, therefore, keep me half-plugged in to work all the time.

Of course, I probably need to shut the phone off period here and there, but this is a start. Both of us do, actually. Maybe by the time you read this, we’ll have the tech thing fully under control.

I enjoyed hanging at the Chattahoochee Nature Center nearly all day on Saturday with the kids while you helped my mom with her outreach.

I enjoyed hitting Cogburn Park on Sunday afternoon to kick around the soccer ball and play on the playground.

I enjoyed washing the cars with the kids on Monday and grilling some burgers.

It was an all-around nice Memorial Day weekend.

And we were able to chill with our date on Friday night: steak, fine china, good conversation, and a Harry Potter movie (etc.).


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