Despite Moods

I can’t always love you because of something sweet, cute, fun, adorable, or whatever that you do.

Same goes from you to me. I know you’ve loved me through being quite the ass at times. I’m thankful for that.

This morning you were in a foul, foul mood. I wasn’t a fan, honestly. I was a little angry. I was a little frustrated at the end of it.

But I’m not called to love you when it’s all rainbows and unicorns and marshmallow clouds.

I’m called to love you even if you don’t want me to. I’m called to love you whether you are providing for my emotional needs at any given moment or not.

I’m simply called to love you. I’m always brought back to the Bible verse that commands me to love my wife like Christ loves the church. That’s unyielding, unflinching, through thick and thin love.

I don’t do it perfectly like Christ does, but I don’t have a choice to lower the standard either. It doesn’t say, “Husbands, love your wives like Christ loves the church when they are fulfilling all your needs and being perfect examples of biblical womanhood.” It’s an unconditional call.

So, sweetie, I love you today, even this morning at like 7:18 when we were having the moment. I love you.


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