Because We’ve Been at This for 8 Years!

Today is our anniversary.  We’ve made it through 8 years.

You are a wonderful wife. You bring me joy. You help me to grow. You make me laugh.

You are a wonderful mother. You are creative. You are consistent. You are determined. You are loving.

We’ve been through a lot in these few years, and I’m thankful that we are still growing individually and together.

I know, for sure, that you have been used by God to help make me a better person: sometimes by your grace, sometimes by your encouragement, and, yes, sometimes by the fact that being married is hard work that requires us to allow the Holy Spirit to dig deep and change us.

You are lovely and beautiful. You make me smile. Sometimes life is a little stressful and hard. But it’s always worth it and it’s getting more and more wonderful.

I love you and look forward to what’s in store.

I don’t think I’ll risk losing the secrecy of this blog, so I’ll go ahead and post this picture. If you happen upon this and know us, feel free to contact me, but please don’t tell my sweet wife yet. 🙂

Happy Anniversary


One thought on “Because We’ve Been at This for 8 Years!

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