Because We’re on the Same Page

First of all, I’m really confused about capitalization and titles of posts. Just wanted to mention that. Which should be capitalized, which not?

I know we don’t always agree. And I know we are sometimes at odds, but in general we’re on the same page…

1. Our faith
2. Our approach to parenting
3. Our opinion about debt (although I need to work on the execution piece)
4. Our love of fun times over food
5. Our approach to keeping the house the way it needs to be
6. Our alignment as it relates to our families

I’m sure there’s a few more. So many married couples aren’t on the same page. I’m thankful we are.

We could probably use an argument here or there, though. Just for fun if not for anything else. Plus I think it might show us where we’re not on the same page. It’d be good to be aware of those things too.


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