Because I’m Hoping You’ll Hit Storyline with Me

We’re in Atlanta. The Storyline (Don Miller’s conference) will be in Nashville in October.

I’m so geeked out about wanting to go to this with you! I know you’re not as big of a conference freak as I am (as a matter of fact, since we’ve been married and had kids, I think I’ve not really gone to any), but I think it would be so much fun for the two of us.

So… I texted the parents and will probably make sure we go even if my parents can’t keep the kids that weekend. We got 6 months. I’m sure we can figure out something by way of childcare.

Question for others who might read this thing: How many of you have gone to a non-marriage conference with your spouse? Did it strengthen your relationship to go through that kind of thing, even if it wasn’t directly related to marriage? Just curious!


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