Because You Give Me Grace

I’m not talking about huge gobs of grace (although yes, you have, in the past, been called to give me way more grace than I ever should have required of you).

But as of this writing, you give me grace as follows:

  1. To get up and out of the house early to do participate with a couple groups of guys that are trying to grow spiritually.
  2. To go a little high on my Weight Watchers points without ridiculing me as if I’m a tub-o-lard. (kind of a joke).
  3. To grow better as a financial provider
  4. To be better as a fix-it dude around the house (thanks for not pressuring me too much on projects that I’m pretty much clueless about).
  5. Because I’m a jerk sometimes (like how I’m way overly picky about how the dishwasher is filled).
  6. When I’m in a foul mood… you know when to send me to the room for a 15.
  7. When I’ve eaten too many black beans (yes, you know what I’m talking about).

In general, you’re gracious and forgiving.

I appreciate that very, very much.



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