Because I’m Doing Weight Watchers with You

File this under ‘pat myself on the back’.

I’m submitting to counting points with you. Granted, it’ll help me soft, doughy center a little bit in the meantime, but still. The sacrifice of random handfuls of M&Ms and a few extra potato chips is pretty huge for an amateur glutton like myself.

But I know from the last time we did this, that when we’re both doing it we both see better results. Plus, you’re so good at knowing which foods count for how many points. I don’t have to stress too much about that.

By the way, I appreciate how hard you work in general to keep our family pretty healthy. I appreciate your example of consistency in working out and jogging.

You are, though, not your health or your body. I appreciate your efforts, but I pray that you will see it as a pursuit of health and not perfection, that any addition to your current cuteness is simply the cherry on top of an already adorable dessert.

So, here’s to points! And I just finished my lunch. And I’m upset that I didn’t save the few potato chips until last. Now I have to depend on carrots.


2 thoughts on “Because I’m Doing Weight Watchers with You

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