Happy Belated Birthday

We celebrated your birthday last weekend. It was 1/26, and I’ve been pretty inconsistent here lately. I’ve also been not getting out of work until later everyday. Time has been tough to sneak posts in.

But since this is a birthday post, it should be about you and not about me and my whiny-ness.

Happy Birthday a few days late! I had a blast with you eating tacos and seeing Argo. Any chance we get to get out and have an actual babysitter that isn’t one of the grandparents is a high-falutin night.

I’m just thankful to have a fun hang with you. Relaxed. No threat of kids popping in. No guilt on grands because the high school junior is getting paid (well, I might add).

I love you and hope your 38th (or is it 29th?) year is wonderful!


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