Because It Will Never Be Easy

That might be a little dramatic, but I do know that life in general–parenting, always giving emotionally what is needed to a spouse, living life in general–will always have ups and downs.

It can be a major relational blow up.

It can be a child going through a stage of temper tantrums (which happens to be the case in our world right now–mostly yours since you’re home with him every day).

Now, this isn’t a post to say, “It’ll always be this way, so get the heck over it.”

But it is to say that we best get used to it. I have a feeling dealing with a four year old’s tantrums is nothing compared to the glare and the smart-aleck comments of a 14 year old. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling it will be much more piercing and even personally painful when our teens turn on us here and there.

So, these days… it’s practice. It’s like doing drills. We lose our wits and yell every once in a while, we can figure out why. I was impatient this morning with our daughter. I was simply frustrated because of financial issues. That’s not her fault. That has little to do with her. It’s my stress and I was short with her because, well, I had the opportunity to be.

It wasn’t right. I’ve got to learn to deal with my mess in the right way. That’s just part of it.

And I never want you to lose faith in your goodness as a mom or a wife when you get frustrated. We will always have awesome fun times and, most likely, we’ll always have less than awesome moments. That’s life. That’s parenting.

I’m glad i’m doing it with you. You help me grow. I hope I help you here and there. And more than that, I hope you feel like I’m in your corner–that I’m your biggest fan.

I love you.


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