Because We’re Pinching Pennies

I pray that this is still mostly anonymous.

You and I are struggling a bit on the financial side of things. You’re patient with me as the chief financial provider. We don’t toss money aside on every sparkly, shiny new object. We never go out to eat. We hardly buy new clothes for ourselves.

We have a slightly higher TV package than we need. We send our boys (very cheaply) to a 2 day a week pre-school.

We have places we could cut. It wouldn’t make a huge dent, but we could cut here and there.

But it’s becoming a project–you and me against the debt-demons. You and me trying to be creative to find a bit of cash here and there.

First, I’m just so thankful that you don’t bust my balls all the time about it. You acknowledge that I work and try–that I’d even go back and work at the Cracker Barrel where I put myself through grad school. I’m selling bad records on ebay for goodness sakes.

Second, I trust we’ll get through this. My business will continue to improve. We’ll push through. I do need you. I need your encouragement and patience and help here and there, but we’ll get through it. And we’ll be thankful for whatever we learn.


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