Happy Post-Thanksgiving: An Explanation

When you read this, you might have blocked Thanksgiving 2012 from your memory. Let me refresh it…

First, I started last Monday with the intention to send you a thank you note every day. I posted here, and then I cut and pasted the post into an email and sent it to you that way. I decided I wanted you to know a few reasons, in real time, why I was thankful for you.

But alas, when I got home, MG was screaming and crying due to a tummy bug. In about 3 hours, SB joined in. And about 4 hours after that, you joined in.

Let’s just say it was a sleepless, puky night. We made it through, but our house, with pallets, blankets, and pillows strewn all over the place looked like a Red Cross shelter. Our appetites were gone. Some time on Wednesday we all kind of were able to eat.

But by that day, I was in bed with a horrible cold-like virus. I was just gone. I mostly dodged the tummy bullet, but this viral thing grounded me.

So Thursday–our little ones still don’t appreciate decent food. When do they finally start to like decadent casseroles? 🙂

We suffered through some canned veggies and boxed macaroni and cheese and a boneless, salty–yet still tasteless–turkey breast.

But we had ice cream and we had each other and we had a sweet little time. Most of all, we weren’t sick any more.

Thanks for still giving us a wonderful week. We had fun decorating the house some and playing board games and watching movies (you and I made it through We Bought a Zoo and J. Edgar; the kids watched Christmas Tigger or something about 17 times).

I love you and am looking forward to the Yule Tide season with you!



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