Because Your World Has Turned Upside Down

Right now, your heart is breaking a little over something that is going on.

You question if you’ve handled things well.  You’re hurting for a few other folks involved. You’re trying not to allow resentment and anger at others rule you.

I’m honestly at a loss for how to help you. I want to give you rest from it and a little distraction. I want to give you whatever wisdom I can. I want to listen.

My biggest prayer is for our family. That the five of us are protected and cared for. I pray for wisdom for me how best to lead us right now.

I pray for you. That you know and don’t forget Ps. 139:14

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful. I know that full well.

Like all of us–even me right now, you forget that you have been crafted. I forget that I was crafted. God made you. God knows your heart. God loves you deeply. You are His, above all else–more than you are mine. More than anybody’s words have power over you. You are His. His Words are the words that matter.

His Words say that you are a daughter of God.

His Words say that you were called out.

His Words say that you no longer live, but Christ lives in you.

His Words say that the meek will inherit the earth.

His Words can heal–want to heal.

You are special beyond special. You are precious beyond precious. I, even, am not worthy of the woman that you are. (not that I’m a piece of crap or some out of this world dude–just a guy trying to get better a little every day).


Be with Tina.  Speak peace to her heart. Give her strength that she doesn’t think she has.





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