Because I’m Doing a Great Work and Can’t Come Down…

Nehemiah 6:3

I heard Andy Stanley’s message ‘This One Thing’ from 1/8/12 today.

The simple gist: What is the one thing, that if I concentrated on it all year, would make all the difference in the world?

I know it’s late in the year, but what is one thing for me to work or focus on?  I listen to this via this idea of ‘keystone habits’. You know, a habit like: If I jog every day, then I start to eat better, sleep better, watch less TV, etc. It might be: If I eat more veggies, then all the sudden I start exercising and acting nicer, etc. Or at work: If I make cold calls, whether effective or not, somehow my other disciplines fall into line.

A keystone habit drives good choices elsewhere.

To me, if I focus on the One Thing of being the best husband to you that I possibly can, work, parenting, exercise, even finances, start falling into line.

So… you’re my one thing for the rest of the year. Obviously, you’re my one woman, but I want to get better at being your man this year. I want to have an awesome marriage. I want to love, serve, and lead you.

I’m doing a great work–being your husband–and can’t come down (can’t sacrifice focus on you for other things that vy for my attention).



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