Taking Care of Each Other

You just had a run of, well, the runs. Laid up for a full day sucking on Gatorade and popping a saltine.

I hated that I couldn’t bust away from my office earlier to take care of the kids while you were all balled up in our bed in tummy pain. Thankfully, your mom was a trooper–from all I heard, trooper-ness was necessary as the boys were wild.

I did get home early from work to take our daughter to the dentis for her first fillings (totally had parental guilt about that one and the fact that apparently we’re redneck white trash that don’t know how to teach our young’ns how to brush their teeth well enough).

Then, I took your mom home and carted the kids to Wendy’s for mini-Frosties (I got over that dental parental guilt pretty quickly, I guess).

But it was fun to play games with the boys and Maggie while you recuperated. We played Ants in the Pants and Cranium Hullabaloo. We had a delicious organic chicken nugget and strawberries dinner.

I enjoyed keeping them out of our room so you could rest. I enjoyed taking care of you a little bit–even putting a little butter on your crackers later in the evening when you were pulling through.

You do good when it’s me who’s all sick and whatnot.



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