Love is not Jealous (Love Dare Day 8)

For this Dare, I was supposed to do 2 things:

  1. Destroy the negative list done Love Dare Day 7.
  2. Pick out an accomplishment and be intentional about highlighting it and appreciating it.

Destroying the Negative

I prayed as often as I could when I started doing  a mental negative list.  My role is not to tally things up. It’s to love you like Christ loves the church. If he doesn’t tally my horrible record against me, then I can’t do yours (which is actually not bad at all).  I have no right to keep records of wrongs.

I have a right to talk to you about things that upset me, but I am not the person to sit and judge. I really should ask your forgiveness for that in the real world.

Being Your Biggest Fan

You’ve been so diligent and two things:

  1. Bringing order to our house–which allows for greater peace, and
  2. Encouraging health and exercise.

I’ve never seen you so disciplined as you have been over the last few months. It’s an incredible example.  I hope I do better at encouraging you.

I pray that I do a better job about my mental lists. For that matter, I also pray that you fall more and more in love with me. I love you and I need you.


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