Love Believes the Best (Love Dare Day 7)

I was supposed to have made two lists: one of the positive things I think about my spouse and one for the negative things.

For some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to do it (again).

But I thought about it all weekend. And I noticed at various times I would start ticking off a list, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Kind of like this:

I love it when she does this, this, this, and this. I’m so thankful when she notices and the way she handles such and such and so forth.

And the alternative:

Why won’t she do this, this, this, and this? How come she doesn’t notice this or that?

In a sense, I did the assignment. It was a full weekend: there were plenty of opportunities for both mental lists.

I was supposed to mention a positive attribute to you.  Perhaps this was a silly way, but I just sent you an email. I appreciate how much you love and care for your mom right now while she’s going through a rough patch.

You also cracked me up a few times this weekend. There are so many good things about you.


2 thoughts on “Love Believes the Best (Love Dare Day 7)

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