Love is Thoughtful (Love Dare Day 4)

I reread my last post on the Love Dare’s Day 4 challenge, and saw this line:

But it seemed like the call set a nice tone between us for the day. I shall practice it!

I don’t practice it with you like I should. There is still a small selfish part of me that is a little afraid I’ll catch you at a tough moment in the middle of the day. A moment when the kids are going bonkers and you’re stressed out. To my shame, I’d sometimes rather avoid hearing about the stress.

That’s selfish and something I need to work on. I should know by now that it’s helpful for you to have an adult conversation in the middle of the day when all you hear is 3 1/2 yr old and 5 yr old requests for snacks, juice, shows, the computer, or any number of other things.

Back to my quote: I said I’d practice it. I don’t call you nearly enough during the day to just hear what’s going on.  I hope next time I circle back around, this will be more of a practice.

Two notes:

1. We have a date night tonight. That’s awesome. I can’t wait!

2. My dare for Day 5? Ask you three things that bug the stuffins out of you. I don’t know if I did this last time. I’ll try it this weekend.



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