Thank You for a Wonderful Father’s Day

You blew it out of the water this weekend!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • You let me sleep in on Saturday
  • You let me do yard work on Saturday
  • The ‘Kids’ gave me a shirt, a shirt, and some shorts for Papa’s day.
  • You replaced my Kindle–my standard one w/ a Fire (even thought because I was the idiot who left it on top of my car and drove off, thus destroying it). If ever a dude didn’t deserve small electronics, I’m that dude.
  • You set a great menu of Cuban sandwiches, black bean soup, and Summer Veggie Tian. And we went to my folks’ to eat it.
  • You let me cook a lot of it (I love to cook, so that’s fun for me).
  • You let me drink _______ and tonics.
  • You drove.
  • We all went to the pool on Saturday.
  • You let me do work in the yard (seriously, I love doing this–so relaxing).

You told me that I’m a good dad.

You give me a kiss or three, too.

Thank you for the appreciation. I love you.


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