Because You Hook a Brother Up…

…with Arby’s sandwiches and a fun family Friday visit.

It’s the first time, I think, that all kids came into my office, ate their food, had some chocolate, went to the bathroom and didn’t….

  1. Cry profusely at any person who attempted to talk to them (the boys… Mags is our social butterfly, as you know).
  2. Get chocolate all over a wall, floor, or other furnishing.
  3. Take off all of their clothes in the restroom because peeing requires that, apparently.
  4. Complain about not having enough frieds.
  5. General mayhem.

I’m kind of sad some of those things didn’t happen, but it was a much simpler, peaceful moment.

And it’s always nice to eat a roast beef sandwich in peace.

Thanks for the visit! Reminds me why I do this insurance thing.


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