Because I Want to Grow Old with You…

I was on Facebook and one of those conversation starter type people asked, “What are your dreams?” after she expressed what hers happens to be.

Admittedly, in my current career, I’m not clear on what my dream situation would be or what my dream house is or where it might be, etc.

The first thing that came to mind was that sweet old couple we saw the other night when we were out for our 7th anniversary date. They were mid-70s, holding hands across the table, smiling at each other, whispery conversation. You said, “I want that.”

That came to mind as a dream. I would like to grow old with you and still want to hold your hand and know that you still want to hold my hand. I’d love to sit up on the balcony at a quaint small-town downtown restaurant and enjoy your company.

I see people all the time getting itchy feet and wanting change. There are some folks who just can’t stand not living in the excitement of that initial attraction phase.  But if they stopped and thought about it, they might realize that doing the hard work in marriage produces couples that hold hands down the line.

I’ve not always been willing to put in the work. Sometimes I’ve been selfish. But there is absolutely nothing I want more than to have you by  my side and our children and grandchildren visiting us when we’re old and wrinkly and make food that they think is gross.


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