Happy Mother’s Day!

The word ‘Mom’ doesn’t define you, yet you are beautiful at being one.

I know you don’t always feel like you do a wonderful job. I know you don’t always feel like the picture of patience and grace. I know you sometimes are confounded by how to get our children from point a to point b without losing your ever-living mind.

Those things come with the job, I know. But this is what I see.

You are passionately in love with our children.

You glow when they do something funny or cute. You grin when they make one of those ‘what the what?’ observations. You beam with pride. You cry when you know they hurt. You effuse about the surprisingly endearing quirks that make each of our three children unique. You snap pics and text them to me when you capture them doing fun stuff.

You passionately defend our children.

You steel yourself when you think of possible wrongs done to our children. You don’t dive in and get involved if it’ll hurt our children’s ability to learn and grow, but you are aware and you’re watchful. You are aware of things that might try to chip away at their confidence or their enjoyment of how they were created. You work to keep them strong in who they are.

You tirelessly look to give our children experiences.

I write about this a lot, but you’re always looking for things to do with our kids. Blueberry picking. Babyland General. Park after park after playground after playground. Kidventures. Grammie’s School.

I normally write these while at work. Now I’m taking my chances to write while you’re getting ready for bed. I need to cut this short. It’s also almost our anniversary and we had a beautiful dinner in downtown Roswell, GA, a couple glasses of wine, and some chocolate. The last thing I should be doing right now is typing on a computer. I’m coming up to join you, yo!

I’ll discuss our 7th in a couple days on the actual anniversary. I love you!


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