Because You Said Po-po

We were driving to church yesterday when I came to one of those traffic lights that were on the red edge of yellow. I would have busted on through the intersection except I saw a policeman hanging in a driveway about 50 yards back.

I said, “I would have gone were it not for the 5-0 back there.”

You said, “po-po”.

No smile. No look up. Just “Po Po”.

You’re not a typical ‘Po Po’ type of person. I don’t even know how to spell it.

It cracked me up, especially since it busted the weekly Sunday morning ‘get-everybody-out-the-door-to-church’ tension.



2 thoughts on “Because You Said Po-po

  1. There’s a scene in the old HBO series “The Wire” where Kima is trying to get her son to go to sleep, so she sits with him at the open window saying goodnight to all the stuff outside, including the po-pos. I use that line quite a bit . . .

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