Because You Sneak the Chickfila…

As I’ve mentioned in a couple posts recently, you’re following the Weight Watchers plan of counting points and whatnot.

A few of my favorite things about this WW process:

  1. We eat more fruit: It’s great to have more around the house. Zero points, yet tasty.
  2. We eat more salads: Every dinner has a protein and a salad. Occasionally, we’ve included a starch or second veggie. I just feel better with all the greenery pulsing through my bloodstream.
  3. We get to eat ice cream sandwiches every night: Since we can’t have anything else, we get Weight Watchers or Skinny Cow ice cream treats. I know this flies against (1) and (2) above, but I never claimed to be a full on Paleo type eater.
  4. We plan for cocktails: Our one or two nights on the weekend where we can have an adult beverage become events not just white trash empty the wet bar time.

But the ultimate thing that is awesome: You plan Friday night Chickfila Sandwich nights!

And we’re not talking grilled chicken sandwiches. We do the original on a whole wheat bun (a 2 point swing). Extra pickles are also involved. We don’t go overboard. We substitute a homemade salad for the fries so we’re not falling off the wagon completely.

I appreciate the fact that you appreciate the occasional bad-for-you-food.

And I also appreciate the fact that you found this recipe for our Cinco de Mayo celebration! That’s for you though. I’ll concoct my own version.

I love you!


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