Because Our Daughter Can Sing…

…although she apparently can’t draw a rectangle or recite our address. She’s a freaking artist, Ms. Preschool Teacher, not a scientist. Leave the rectangles to the slide-rule toting mathematicians.

Actually, the teacher was sweet: “Your daughter is good w/ other children. She’s bold. She is very friendly and easy to get along with. She also has a really beautiful voice.”

(That was the upshot of your recent parent/teacher conference at her preschool)

I would post a video of her, but I’m busy. You’ll just have to look back in our iPhoto to find the clips.

It’s a joy watching our little 5 yr old blossom and passionately love people and love music and love art. I hope the ‘cool police’ don’t drum that out of her once she’s in that big old mean Kindergarten and elementary school. 🙂

Thanks for Momming her in such a way that has helped her discover an early love for these things.


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