Because You Plan for Grammie’s School

While I was sitting in our bed writing last night, you worked on the curriculum for ‘Grammie’s School’–the 3 hours of ‘school’ our boys have over at your mom’s house.

First, I love how seriously you take your job as a parent (and as a daughter). You make sure the boys have fun things to do and you make sure your Mom has some things to work with.

Second, I love how good you are at doing these things. The craft projects and learning items were awfully adorable. I know our boys will ove it.

Third, I love the way your face lights up when you work on these projects. It’s like you’re in the zone when you create experiences for our children.

When you get so pumped about putting together a packet of crafts and lessons, I get excited to do waht I dcan in those areas, too.

I’m blessed to have a wife who is excited about being a mom in these ways. And I know our children are blessed to have you as their mother.


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