Love Dare Day 22: Love is Faithful

Perhaps it’s a coincidence that this day comes after my post from yesterday, but it is probably appropriate.

Mostly, today’s dare has less to do with cheating and more to do with being faithful to love someone–and not stray whether it’s simply checking out mentally and emotionally or actually finding a new person.

I said to you, ‘I love you regardless.’ And left it at that. We actually laughed about it because you started filling in what seemed like a blank:

  • “regardless of… how big and fat I become?’
  • ‘regardless of… what a jerk you can be sometimes?’
  • “regardless of… etc, etc, etc.”

It was pretty funny. The fact is that you had a recent dip in your affection for me, and often (despite how warranted those dips are) they cause me to have a little resentment or at least some ‘what’s the use’ emotions. I start thinking, “Why am I trying so hard? Or what else can I do?”

But… the dips subside, and I’m pretty glad I don’t go for this approach: “You think I’m a jerk, well then, I’ll be a jerk.”

This dare, for me, is simply about being faithful to forgetting what lies behind (so I don’t get mired in regret, fear, guilt, shame) and pressing on to loving you how a good husband should love his wife.  I also need to not react to you, but just pour out as much as I can (from a distance if you’re feeling a little ill toward me).

After all, you’re pretty awesome. If marriage is work sometimes, then it’s great work if you can get it! And I got great work.

I love you.

2 thoughts on “Love Dare Day 22: Love is Faithful

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