Because You Were Born

I had deja vu as I typed this post’s title. I’ll have to go back to your birthday last year and see if I titled it the same… and as I look at the ‘permalink’ it appears this title was assigned a ‘2’, so yes, I’m repeating myself.

(I also want to apologize to anyone who might have received an unfinished version of this post)

Your Day

Yesterday was your birthday. First, I’d like you to recall what happened:

  1. You got sick: You had one of those nasty, every-part-of-the-body-aches colds (I had one two, but I could hang with grownups all day).
  2. I got up at 5am to bake you a cake.
  3. I don’t bake, so I over-filled the cake pans and now our house still smells like burnt, crusty cake (it looks like cake lava along the bottom of our oven).
  4. The cakes fell.
  5. While you were giving a bath to two of our children, one of our sons (pardon the TMI) pooped on the steps and decided to track it upstairs.
  6. While you cleaned that poop, the other two started pouring cups of water out of the bathtub onto the bathroom floor.
  7. I think there were another two or three things that I’ve blocked out of my mind.
  8. Happy Birthday, right?

But after I got home, you were in such good spirits. It was you gave the bad stuff of the day the finger and said, ‘It’s my birthday, yo! You ain’ gonna ruin it!’

We proceeded to enjoy some margaritas and Cuban sandwiches—and the cake, for all it’s ugliness, tasted pretty good.

Glad You Were Born

I’d also like to take a moment to confirm to you how happy I am that our lives intersected when and where they did. Were you not born, there obviously wouldn’t have been that intersection. Birthdays always make me think of why people get where they are and all the events that lead up to where they are.

The wonderful thing is that all your twists and turns and all my twists and turns provided an opportunity for intersection. While we still twist and turn down our paths together, I always go back to that poolside at that going away party where you and I set in motion our relationship.

Back to your birthday: Happy Birthday! You are a gift. You were created—wonderfully and beautifully. You have a purpose. You are loved. You are a princess. You are precious.


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