Love Dare Day 16: Love Intercedes

Just because I haven’t written in a couple weeks, doesn’t mean that the Love Dare has been far from my brain. As a matter of fact, being stuck on Day 16 (Love Intercedes) isn’t a bad idea.

Prayer isn’t one of my strong suits. Even if I’m consistent with my quiet times, I often edge out prayer by spending too much time reading and journaling the Word. I know that there is prayer involved, but focused intercession is a a learning and discipline goal of mine.

The Dare was to select three things to intercede for you and our marriage about.

My list:

  1. That you would be confident and secure in who God created you to be—You’re loved, specially made.
  2. That you would be bold with the things that God puts on your heart: creatively, spiritually, vocationally.
  3. That we would embody the idea of being a ‘City on a Hill’: A vision I’ve always had of our marriage is that we’d be a source of comfort, rest, encouragement, and safety for others. I’m not sure where we are on this, but I know we need to improve with God’s help. It might even be a good goal for 2012.

So, sweety, these are my specific (yet pretty broad) prayers: Your comfort in who you are, your boldness in taking steps of faith, and our mission as a family of being a city on a hill.

Perhaps God will narrow my focus as I consistently pray for these things.  Maybe I’ll even ask you what you’d like me to pray for you about (besides protection from the nasty tummy bug floating around our house).

Day 17 Prep:  Love Promotes Intimacy. The dare is to “Determine to guard your mate’s secrets (unless they are dangerous to the or to you) and to pray for them. Talk with your spouse, and resolve to demonstrate love in spite of these issues. Really listen to them when they share personal thoughts and struggles with you. Make them feel safe.”

That’s a mouthful! The main goal: Listen and make you feel safe to share ANYTHING. Admittedly, I over-correct sometimes. I’ll work on that.


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