Because you put up with crap…

And puke. Yes, that bane of toddlerhood: stomach bugs. They don’t know that the bucket in front of their faces is for the stuff coming out of their mouths. I never thought about it before I looked at S’s face when he threw up for the first time at an age where he kind of saw it coming. He was like, ‘What in the world was that?’

Well, you, unfortunately, have to be in charge of these things if I’m at work.  And our daughter’s first ‘in public’ cookie-toss at Joann’s fabric wasn’t really fun for you either.

We’ve actually been blessed. Our kids have had remarkably few stomach bugs. Heck, the health insurance premium for you and the kids actually went down this year.

I love you because you deal with it and we both know how much you do NOT love this type of thing. You’re a good mom. The best.


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