Love Dare Day 12, Love Lets the Other Win

Obviously, I always win, so this one totally applies to us. (ahem).

In reality, we probably would do well to have more disagreements. It might be healthy for us to voice differences in opinion. We might both be holding on to quiet opinions about being right or wrong that could be eating away at us.

The dare was to bend my will and/or put your preference first. We had two slight disagreements yeseterday:

  1. Date Night: I was trying to arrange one on Friday, but our babysitter wouldn’t return my email.  You thought we needed to save the money. I was thinking we needed to have a date, but I agreed withy ou.
  2. Side Gig I Have: I’ve been working on a copywriting project, and you put your foot down that I needed to work it after hours, even having meetings with them after hours to not detract from the traction I’m getting at my office. You’re correct. I could easily distract myself with this thing.

So, I bent my will, although there wasn’t a huge bending that was necessary.

That said, this dare reminded me of other little things that I allow to bug me:

  • Dishes being loaded a certain way.
  • Top of dishwasher being loaded a certain way.
  • Bottom of dishwasher being loaded a certain way.
  • Other equally vital items that I get keyed up about.

I know I need to learn when it matters and when it doesn’t. I need to be willing to release some things and not be picky and uptight about things that just plain don’t matter.

It’s important that I discern the things that are important to you and/or us (and me). There might be some hills that I need to defend, but for the most part, I must be willing not to have my way.

Day 13 prep: Love Fights Fair. This one is interesting as I mentioned above that we don’t fight much. But we need to learn to and a good place to start might be by establishing ground rules. I might even need to say: “Honey, we actually need to voice our disagreements. Maybe we’ve been scared to. Perhaps some ground rules and some confidence in where we are in our marriage will help with this.”


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