Love Dare Day 9, Love Makes Good Impressions

The dare was to greet you in a way that was unexpected—in a good way.

I used Milky Ways. I came in with a bag, had you close your eyes, and popped one in your mouth. I also smiled.

The thing I love about the Love Dare is not that a particular challenge is eath-shatteringly effective. Taken as a whole, they are making me so much more aware of how I treat you and how I need to improve.

I’ve never thought about being more loving with my greetings. Sometimes, I feel like we get in a little ‘whose day was more exhausting’ competition when we greet each other. Consequently, neither of us seem all that happy to see each other.

That’s ridiculous!

You’re my wife—if I was exhausted during the day, now is the time I can feel refreshed by being with you. Same thing: You have no reason to prove to me how difficult or tiring the day might have been. I just want to know you’re happy to see my face.

So, regarding making goood impressions:

  • Always greet with a smile!
  • Always greet with the desire to make you know how much I’m glad to see you.
  • Always give you a kiss and a hug.
  • Always ask you about your day.

Maybe I’ll come up with something better later. I hope by the time you read this (5, 10, 15 years from now?), you’ll feel sweet about my ‘hellos’.

Day 10 Prep:  Love is Unconditional. “The only way love can last a lifetime is if it’s unconditional.” (see the reference vs: Romans 5:8) The challenge: Do something out of the ordinary and unexpected to serve your spouse, i.e. wash the car, clean the kitchen, fold all the laundry, etc.

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