Love Dare Day 6, Love Is Not Irritable

Who says it isn’t? We both have our moments and fight over who has more of a right to be irritable on any particular day: You’ve had a rough one with the kids or maybe I’ve struggled at work for one of a bunch of reasons.

Unfortunately, we resort to using each other as punching bags because, well, we can. That’s uncool.

So, with that in mind, I worked on this dare. There wasn’t anything in particular for me to do yesterday, so I just worked on the journaling homework:

Where must I create margin?

  1. End of Day: I need to plan for the end of my work day much earlier.  I can still do some things, but it’s a good idea for me to have everything organized and clean so that when my time to leave hits, I can stand up and get out and not be too late.
  2. Meals: Corollary to the last one is that I’d like to get home for meals. Our kids are at the age when we need to start the family meals.
  3. Screen time: I need to spend less time in front of a computer, phone, or TV. I need to be more available during my off time.
  4. Get to Bed: I need to hit the sack earlier so I have more energy in general.

What are wrong motivations that I need to remove?

  1. Selfishness: I need to do some work here. I get irritable when my time and projects are infringed on. That’s no bueno.
  2. Stress: I need to learn to leave it at the office. Period.

Well, even now, I left no margin at the office to finish this post. I should be at the gym right now working out so I can get home by 7:00 or so. I’ll probably still get home by then, but I won’t get much of a work out in.  By the way, I keep forgetting my Y card. They are going to start looking at me askance. J

Prep for Day 7: Love Believes theBest. I’m going to have to list the things I love about you and the things that I’m not so fond of. This is another one I’m not looking forward to! I’d hate to see your list!


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