The Butt Dial

I walked into my office to the red light on my phone.  It’s later on a Friday afternoon and often this means a pre-weekend crisis.

To my enjoyment, it was you. You butt dialed me. And it was perfect timing to grant me a smile for the rest of the day.

You were having the cutest little conversation with one of our boys (3 days away from turning 3). You were showing him his brother’s name and asking him what it said until he eventually blurted it out. Both of you were giggling, laughing, and generally merry.

I love how good you are with our children. Earlier, you were passionately concerned about communication with our daughter’s teacher (only to get an email from the teacher 45 minutes later).  You are on top of her education. With our boys, you’re figuring out ways to teach them what they might be learning in school if we could afford to send them.

You want to give them what they need and so much more. The butt dial reminded me of that.



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