My Surprise Party

Thank you! What a wonderful night (about a week and a half ago now)! You pulled one over on me and I would have loved to have posted about it earlier, but I was on vacation last week.

You invaded my email (for good reason) and found my friends and made sure a cross-section of my life was in my parents’ kitchen when we showed up to ‘go out to dinner’. I was tipped off a little when I saw a table decorated in the family room, but no less surprised.

Thank you so much for taking all that time and putting so much effort into it. The word is you’ve been working on this for 8 months. I felt so loved by you that evening. And impressed. I mean, how easy was it to keep it a secret and to pan all these things with 3 little ones on your hip all the time? And I’m glad you didn’t tell them because they would have ratted you out.

So… thank you and I love you for thinking through all the details–the red M&Ms only (I felt like a rock star with one of those screwy backstage M&M requests), the pictures from my childhood every where, the desserts that were perfectly filled with chocolate chips, the taco bar–our favorite comfort food, the margaritas (our favorite comfort drink).

You amaze me often. That saturday evening was one of those moments.


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