Because You Reminded Me…

Last night when we sat down to eat, you looked at me and did the prayer hands under your chin and gave me that, ‘aren’t we going to bless the food’ look

I know that blessing food doesn’t make for a deep prayer life, but it’s always a reminder. Too often, we get so focused on doing our thing and sitting down and eating and moving on to the next thing, that we fail to pause and give thanks.

It was also a reminder to lead our home better in that area. Your glance convicted me that I’ve been a little slack in the area.

I guess I coopted this post to talk more about what I need to do than about giving a reason that I love you. Well, I love you because you care and even if I don’t remember, you remind me that we need to remember where are blessings come from and what our home is supposed to be about.


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