Because It Was a Crazy Night

Last night our bed was invaded by two, unable to be comforted little boys. They wouldn’t stay in their cribs, but they sure as heck wouldn’t lie still in ours either.

I’ll admit I was worn out, tired, had to text my coffee appointment to cancel that 6:30 am meeting. I was frustrated and angry that our sleep was screwy because of our needy 2 1/2 yr olds.

Then I realized they are 2 1/2 yr olds. That’s what such aged kids do. We’ve actually been blessed so far in truth. They have slept through the night since very, very early. They are definitely going through a maddening schedule shift now (early wake ups and fitful sleep).

Why this whole thing is a reason I love you, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just the fact that you and Ivey to experience these little glitches together. Sometimes we get impatient and even short with each other. But in the end. Each tough moment gives us an opportunity to be better spouses and parents and grow.

So, I love you because we get to have interrupted sleep patterns together.


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