Because I Live For Your Smile

I know I’ve mentioned your smile before.  I’ve mentioned wanting to make you happy before. I’ve probably mentioned that I’ve been the reason in the past that you’ve struggled with smiling.

As you know, I’m pretty introspective. I’m trying to notice when I start getting a little anxious or bothered. When I get that way, I try to figure out the source of the feeling.

I’ve realized it’s because there are times when I just can’t make you the happiest woman in the world. That’s okay because that’d be a heavy burden if it were all up to me. Still, the level of joy I feel when I know that you are truly happy is through the roof. I live for that. (call me codependent if you want) 🙂 

As I said, I’ve royally failed at times in my effort to give you joy, but that doesn’t mean that it was ever any less my goal. 

I truly believe that when couples marry, something mystical and spiritual happens. Just as I know that my joy can’t depend on how you are at any given time and yours can’t depend on my ability to give you joy, there still is a connection.

Your joy satisfies me deeply. Because this is true, it’s evident that I’m deeply in love with you.


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