Because you speak clearly…

Every once in a while, you get a little tongue-tied. You feel this pressure to get the words out or to say things a certain way or do something. I can’t quite place where it’s coming from.  It’s cute at times; it makes me a little sad sometimes (when you’re struggling out of frustration).

The thing is that you don’t hide behind your words. You don’t BS. You are clear on what you feel and what you think. You have no guile. You are an honest person of integrity. Even if I weren’t your husband, I’d trust you absolutely completely with anything–information, a job, a task, my kids, my pets, etc.

Thankfully, I’ve been allowed to trust you with my heart.

(A side note–you used your kind words to encourage the lead teacher yesterday in the class we’re volunteering in. I saw you pat her on the back and tell her she was doing a great job. She was a little freaked out by the size and craziness of the class. You noticed she needed encouraging and you did it.  You are an incredible encourager).

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