Because We’re Growing

Both of our anniversary cards said things to the affect that ‘Our lives are crazy, but in the middle of all that, I love you, adore you, want to grow old with you, smoochy, smoochy.’

It’s the ‘grow old’ part that gets me. We’re not just growing older, but we’re growing. Because we’re growing and trying to become better people, we get better at loving each other.  I feel like today, 5/16/11, I know how to better love you than I did 5/16/2005, the day we got married.

Because we’re growing, we don’t mistake ‘no arguments’ for marital perfection. We don’t mistake ‘quiet’ for ‘peace.’

For me, I’m growing because I no longer worry nearly as much about my personal self-actualization. My highest calling is husband and dad.  The work and career piece? Those are important but not top billing.  That little growth doesn’t sound like much but whereas in the past if I couldn’t decipher what I was to be doing with my life, then I’d go into little mental tailspins. Now, I’m learning that what I’m doing with my life is loving you and our kids.  The other piece is in perspective and can morph as God sees fit to clue me in.

So, I love you because we’re growing. I love you better because I’m growing.  And I love watching you grow.


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