Happy Anniversary Baby!

6 years ago today, I conned you into becoming my wife.

Sometimes, you feel blessed. Sometimes, you probably do feel conned.

I just want you to know that I’m so thankful that God gave me you (remember that kid’s book?).  You’ve been merciful and gracious. You’ve put up with my stuff and you’ve dealt with my inconsistencies.

You’ve also loved me for me. And that’s all a man can ask. That’s all anybody can ask.

You, though, have been a true, sweet companion. And by true, I mean consistent, committed, strong, and single focused on our kids and me. I mean ‘true’ in the sense that a bow shoots an arrow ‘true’ or straight and consistent.  You’ve been sweet and kind. You’ve been a joy and a source of laughter. I love your slapstick dances and your laughing fits. I love the way you look at things and the way you sometimes trip over your words.  You’re beautiful and sexy and I just love being with you.

My hope for us is to grow every day (or at least every week–it gets tiring to grow every day.  We’ll get better and better at loving each other and ourselves and our kids. We best also get better at loving God (maybe receiving that love even more importantly).

I’d love to send you this link, but I don’t feel free to give you this yet. 🙂

I love you!



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